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Why indoor rock climbing gear

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For those who enjoy indoor climbing, there is the ultimate gear that you need to have. The question though: why do we need indoor rock climbing gear? This question can best be answered by looking at the role each of them plays.

Climbing holds

For you to climb the walls, you need the climbing holds. These are equivalents of the slopes and cracks in the rock formations outdoor. Without the holds, you will not have a place to hold onto; hence your climbing will be impaired.

Climbing shoes

The rock shoes play an important role in protecting your feet as well as helping you o has a firm grip on the climbing holds.


The helmets are meant to protect the head in case of injuries when you fall down.

Chalk bags

The chalk bags contain chalk for drying the hands. When the hands are dry, you are able to have a firm grip.

Bouldering gear

This is a kit for those who take part in bouldering as opposed to rock climbing. The bouldering gear is less than that of rock climbing and will mostly entail a mat to protect you from falling.

Belay devices

A good belay device will secure you when top-roping, hence protecting you from a fall. They usually come with adjustable and non-adjustable harnesses. The kids should have the belay device and full body harness to secure them from falling.

A mat

A mat is necessary to cushion one from injury in case of a fall.

Ropes and rope bags

A full set of indoor rock climbing gear will include ropes for top-roping. The only time you will not require the rope is when you are bouldering.

Climbing harness

A harness is necessary for helping in vertical climbing.

Training boards are also part of the indoor rock climbing gear.

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