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Where to go for rock climbing NYC

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Have you been to the Cliffs at LIC? If not, then you need to sample it because it is one of the highlights of the rock climbing NYC. The youth climbing team here is a first in so many ways. It is for one a nationally ranked team and made up of professional instructors. The events here are unique and exciting. For summer kid programs, rock climbing and outdoor rock climbing, this is arguably one of the best facilities that you need for your kid.

The other rock climbing NYC is the Steep Rock Bouldering. The facility will offer you the best experience for indoor rock climbing and includes lessons. It is located on Lexington Avenue and is open to the public at 8.am daily.

The Sports Centre at Chelsea piers is an enviable facility that every New York resident wants to sample .It stays open till late hours at night. You will find people having rock climbing sessions until 11.pm.

You can’t talk about rock climbing NYC without mentioning the Manhattan Plaza Health Club. Just like the sport Centre, the facility is closed late One  advantage  with the late  closing  hours  is that it provides  rock climbing  fans enough time to take  in the activity  if they are not available during  the day.

State of the art facilities

It is only in rock climbing NYC where you find advanced facilities for rock climbing. Whether you are into bouldering or other types of rock climbing, you will find these facilities quite enjoyable and fun to use.

Massive gyms

In terms of size, New York boasts of some of the largest indoor rock climbing facilities.

If you are looking for a place to exercise   your body and mind, the rock climbing NYC is the best place to be.

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