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What you should know about rock climbing competitions

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The rock climbing competitions have been around for decades. The very first ones were held as speeding climbing events. Before the indoor wall climbing came to the scene, the rock climbing competitions were mostly held outdoor at real rocks. They were rudimentary in nature, comprising of blocks, chips and crude walls.

As climbing walls became popular, the rock climbing competitions became the order of the day and especially in the 1980s. One notable advantage that the wall climbing had is that there was control on weather and the holds where one needed the placements for routes. The outdoors was disadvantaged on this front. If the weather was too harsh, it would not be possible to take part in the rock climbing competitions. They would have to be delayed or postponed.

A whole industry has evolved to cater for the rock climbing. We have rock shoes, harnesses, chalk bags and many other items available in rock climbing stores. As it stands now, there are thousands of rock climbing locations and excess of 500 rock climbing competitions.


When it comes to these competitions, it is important to be aware of the fact that they are grouped according to format and level. The participants are usually in different levels. This means that you will be able to take part in the level that you are qualified for.


Before you set out for the rock climbing competitions, you should have adequate preparation that includes nutrition, training and be well versed with the body cycles.  Rock climbing is energy sapping and therefore, one has to be adequately prepared.

Isolation is one of the steps these competitions whereby the participants are separated from the rest of the spectators.

Lastly, there are previews to help one visualize sequences and recall the routes to use.

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