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What you need for indoor rock climbing

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You can have the real adventure of rock climbing without going outdoors. The rock climbing is so called because it takes place in a rock climbing gym. The advantage with the climbing is that you will not need plenty of equipment. The following are some of the things that you need to facilitate indoor rock climbing.

Rock shoes

There are some specially designed shoes for this activity. One can buy a pair or just take the rental ones.

Chalk bag

The chalk bag contains chalk for rubbing in the hands before starting to climb. The chalk is used for drying the hands so that you can have a stronger grip. Without this chalk, you would probably slip in the hands when climbing and could get injured.

Chalk ball

The ball is used for reducing dust when climbing. It is preferred to the loose chalk as the latter tends to produce a lot of chalk dust.


The harness is a system that is adjustable and used to connect to the belayed devise. It has some loops for the legs to support one when indoor rock climbing.

Belay device

The device is used for belaying. The best among all the devices are those that come with grooves. One needs grip as this would come handy when climbing, otherwise one could suffer serious injuries.

Screw gate carabiner

The carabiner is used for belaying. You should use a large one to facilitate it.

Lycra clothing

The cloth is used for belaying. It should fit well in the belaying device but make sure it doesn’t catch in the belaying device.


The helmet is particularly important for children who are into indoor rock climbing.


The rope is important for top-roping. One should look for a strong rope.

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