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What is covered in rock climbing courses?

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When you decide to enrol for rock climbing courses, there are a number of things you will expect to cover. In this article, we are going to look the contents of the rock climbing courses.


We are well aware of that rock climbing involves a lot of equipment. They include harnesses, rock shoes, ropes, helmets and the belay devices to name but a few. Whether you are into outdoor or indoor gym rock climbing, you will find that the equipment is common. Knowing how to use them is paramount thing since you will be scaling real rocks after finishing the rock climbing courses.

Climbing grades

Just like any other course, rock climbing has different levels which essentially mean that you move from one grade to the next. When you attain the highest grade, you will be set for any challenge that comes your way as far as rock climbing is concerned.

Climbing skills

You cannot just scale any rock without skills. There is a way in which you grip on the holding spaces. There are movements to master and make. Only through the rock climbing courses will you learn all the skills that you need as a rock climber.

How to tie into the rope

Tying into a rope is a learnt skill. Most people think that you can slip into a rope and for rock climbing. There is a special way of doing it and one has to be taught.


This goes together with lowering and one has to learn to do it the right way. The belaying device is used for this purpose.


There are climbing routes one has to know how they are covered. At the end of the rock climbing courses, you will be good with routes.


These are availed to the trainees to help them find locations.

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