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What is bouldering?

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When you climb a rock or a wall without the assistance of a harness or a rope, this is called bouldering. The only thing that climbers or boulders use is a pair of shoes to help them secure their footholds. Since the hands are likely to slip due to wetness, one will require chalk .Lastly; a mat will come handy to   prevent injuries when you fall.

A bouldering wall

An average bouldering wall is about 8-16 feet high and is usually cushioned with a crash mat. One can use the wall to make a variety of moves before moving to the more professional ones. It is an ideal place to put all the skills one has into practise.

Is there any difference between rock climbing and bouldering? In most cases, the latter takes place on boulders and much smaller rock formations as compared to rock climbing. It does not require use of ropes unlike top-rope climbing.

Bouldering gym

This is a wall for climbing that is artificially made inside a gym. The wall will usually be made from boards where holes are drilled through.

Who should go for this kind of climbing?

Due to the high risk involved, bouldering should be done by a professional rock climber. This should particularly be the case where one   is practising it outdoor.  This is however debatable because we have many people who use the mats to protect them from serious falls. Either way, one should learn some basics to ensure that they do not incur injuries when climbing walls. The advantage of this wall climbing is that the walls are not that extremely high. With a good mat beneath, anyone can learn all the skills. In any case, the fact that one does not rely on the equipment means that one can concentrate on climbing.

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