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Top indoor rock climbing equipment

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There are  a number of indoor rock climbing equipment that you will need to get started. The full kit includes the following:

Rock Shoes

There are rick shoes which are ideal for rock climbing.  One should ensure that they have the right shoes for indoor climbing.

A chalk bag   and ball

This is designed for carrying chalk. It should have enough opening for you to put your hand inside to scoop chalk. Chalk balls are preferred to the other loose types because they do not emit a lot of dust.


Top-roping requires use of a rope for one to move on the leading routes.


You will need a full body harness to enable you to move up the wall. There are usually two types, i.e the adjustable and the non-adjustable types. Though adults do not have to use the full body harness, children require the full one plus a helmet in order to secure them for indoor rock climbing .Carabiner

Belaying requires the use a screw gate cabiner. They come in different sizes but the larger one is preferable to small ones for belaying purposes.

Grooved belaying device

The purpose of a belaying device is to ensure that you are able to move vertically. There is a leaflet or manual which comes with the belaying device to enable one to use. The best thing about the grooved one is that it will provide you with the much needed grip so that you don’t fall off.

Though there might be much other indoor rock climbing equipment, these are mainly the ones that you need to get started.

Rent or hire?

One can either buy the whole kit for indoor rock climbing equipment  or just rent them for a fee at the local rock climbing gym.

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