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Things to know before wall climbing

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There are benefits which come with wall climbing. One of them is that it serves as a basis for aerobic workout. Those who want to exercise the upper part of the body go for wall climbing. In addition, it is the best for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular fitness. Before you set out for wall climbing, the following are some of the important things you should know.

Pick your type

Do not just go for rock climbing because is doing the same. Consider the liking and strength and the skill that you have before settling on the type. If for instance you have phobia for heights, mountaineering is not best for you. Bouldering is a better option since it involves much shorter heights.

Get ready with your rock climbing gear

Wall climbing requires use of certain special gear. They include shoes, harness, belayer device, helmet, rope among others. One can either buy or hire them for sessions.


The basics of wall climbing are necessary before one sets out for the actual climbing. You should have basic skills such as how to belay. If you are not certified for rock climbing, do not rush for the climbing as this could lead to injuries.

Get the routes

There are some routes that are designated for various climbing positions. The 5.5 route for instance is designated for beginners whilst. The higher decimal points are harder and should be left to the professionals.

Know your core strength

You should carry out a lot of exercises on your upper part of the body and other areas of the body like fingers and hands.

Arms should be kept straight

For your wall climbing to be efficient, you need to know how to climb. The arms should be stretched up to make it easier for you to climb.

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