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Rock climbing types

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There are many types and styles of rock climbing. In this article, we are looking at the various types. To start us off, we have alpine climbing or mountaineering. The climbers make an attempt at climbing mountains.

Trad climbing

This is also known as traditional climbing where by the climbers wear some protective gear to protect them from falling. Once they are in the clear, they remove the gear.

Sport climbing

In this kind of rock climbing, permanent anchors are fixed on rocks to secure the climbers. Unlike the trad climbing, these anchors cannot be removed.


This us yet another example of rock climbing where ropes, shoes and harnesses are used to climb rocks. Climbers will usually use footholds and chalk hands their hands to keep them from slipping. There are mats placed beneath to prevent injuries when one falls accidentally.

Top rope climbing

This is a style of climbing whereby the climber is attached to a rope which in turn is connected to an anchor. The same rope runs down to the foot of the climb at the belayer.

Free climbing

This is the kind of rock climbing where the climbers use protective gear when climbing. However, the protective gear is only meant for preventing accidents, not aiding one to climb.

Aid climbing

This is the opposite of free climbing in the sense that one uses some gear to assist them o to climb a rock.

Lead rock climbing

This climbing involves use of a rope connected to a belay device. The latter is put in readiness to protect the climber form falling. This protection is put ahead of the climber ahead of the climb to catch them in case they fall as they make their way up the mountain.

Finally, we have solo climbing whereby one climbs without someone else belaying them.

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