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Rock climbing indoor basics

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Before experiencing the real outdoor rock climbing, one should have a feel of rock climbing indoor. There are some skills that one needs to learn. It involves  an artificial structure that resembles the real rock outside. Many people attend gyms where wall climbing is taught. The first thing that you need to bear in mind is what you need.

There are tools and equipment that one must buy. The gyms also hire out the equipment to those learning the basics. These include shoes, harness and the rope.

During   the lessons, you will be taught by the professionals how to climb, hold the grips and secure yourself.

It is safer to use the rock climbing indoor for the simple reason that they are much shorter than the real rock. One will thus have less risk of fall injury. The use of mats helps to minimize the injuries on impact. The environment is much more controlled, making them quite safe for beginners.

Holds are clearly visible

The holds designed for the rock climbing indoor are clearly seen, making it easier for one to use the wall. The natural rocks have nearly invisible ones, hence making it difficult for one to climb.

Route setter

The setter is useful for limiting the holds for the climber. This becomes easier for the climber to climb. On the other hand, the outdoor one has a vast area where the holds can be found. This can make it difficult for one to find their way to the top. The slopes and cracks are best suited for the professionals.

Emulating rock formations is not always easy, though attempts are made to do so. It is important to look for the rock climbing indoor that has a near closeness to a rock as possible. This will prepare you well for outdoor.

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