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Preparing for indoor climbing

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The preparation for indoor climbing is essentially the same as outdoor one. You will need to know what   is required so that you minimize accidents and maximize on the fan and experience. The hand movement sequence is vital for any climber. You are required to know all the movements to make.


Indoor climbing is done in artificial walls which imitate real mountains out there. There are some footholds which you must master. The first thing that you need to know is the location of the footholds. One should identify them prior to climbing.

Whilst standing on the mat, you can imitate the actual rock climbing. Knowing the sequencing and imitating the actual hand movements will be very helpful in helping you in the actual climbing. One will minimize the slips that most beginners experience in their maiden indoor climbing.

Get cues

Sometimes all that you need to do is to observe the holds with chalks to give you an idea where the other climbers held when climbing. These cues will come handy when you set out to climb.

Know the language

Every activity has its lingo. Indoor climbing is not any different and therefore comes with a number of vocabularies. You will need to know what a belay on, got, off belay, lower and take. They are shortened form of instructions which one can use to communicate.

Choose type

There are various forms of indoor climbing one can engage in .For instance, there is bouldering, trad climbing, and top-rope climbing among others .One should choose the type that they are well prepared for.

Indoor climbing has become a popular activity in recent years as more and more people install climbing walls in their homes, colleges, among others. Learn the skill of rock climbing and enjoy the fun!

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