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Indoor rock climbing gym website

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A gym website provides vital information to visitors to your site regarding what you have to offer. If you are into indoor wall climbing, there is a lot of information that you should share so that people could find it interesting and even enrol for classes.
Take the case of a standard indoor gym for rock climbing. The following is the information you would expect to find:

Rock climbing classes

Most of the gyms offer classes to beginners and professionals so that they can become better at rock climbing. A good gym website should spell out the number of classes in a week, hours open and the pricing. The big discounts offered will lead to higher enrolment.


The gym website should have clear, large photographs of the facilities available at the gym. The climbing walls should be shown for both adults and children. Ideally, the gyms should be able to cater for the needs of the whole family.

Gear for hire

If the facility has rock climbing gear for hire, the same should be indicated on the website so that people can decide to rent instead of buying own kits. The kits include the belaying device, caribiner, rock shoes, and harness among others.

Yoga classes

A gym website should include yoga classes because in most cases, they go together. The yoga classes should be indicated so that one can know how to schedule the classes for yoga as well as the basic skills needed for the indoor rock climbing.

Birthday parties

The website should share details about the birthday parties among other interesting events which are hosted in the same facility. A corporate event could for instance be provided alongside the birthday events.
The above details are just but a part of the kind of details one would expect to find in the gym website.

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