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Indoor rock climbing for kids

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Kids who are as young as 4 years old can take part in rock climbing. The reason why there should be rock climbing for kids is that they are natural climbers and therefore should be provided with the facilities early in life.

Mind and body exercise

The rock climbing for kids is meant to help them exercise the body and mind.  Fitness, teamwork and   sportsmanship are some of the areas in which the rock climbing for kids focus on. These rock climbing activities are also aimed at boosting their confidence, improving their body coordination, work on self-esteem, have fun and be great at solving problems.

The best rock climbing for kids will include


This is the main activity where kids will be able to scale short walls. It is a good alternative to playing video games at home. A child who learns to climb rocks becomes a better person in communication, has improved trust and confidence.

Belaying for kids under 12 years

Kids who are less than 12 years of age cannot belay rope for themselves. As such, there need their parents to be beside them to belay for them.

Kids over 12 years

Those kids over 12 years taking part in rock climbing for kids will be able to belay the ropes for themselves. They however need to be supervised by staff at the venue where the activity is taking place.


Apart from the rock climbing, kids love parties. One can arrange for them to have party tables, chairs and other equipment to facilitate their parties. Safety should be paramount and especially where kids are too young to be on their own. Instructions should be provided on how to belay for instance, to bigger kids.

Some of the activities that the kids can take part include belaying, wall climbing and bouldering.

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