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Indoor climbing

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Wall climbing can be done indoors when walls are fitted in gyms. It is an experience that is intended to imitate what happens outdoor when goes mountaineering.  For those who are looking for experience in rock climbing, indoor climbing offers a unique opportunity to learn the basics.


It all begins with classes arranged by professionals to teach the learners about the whole aspect of rock climbing.

Walled facilities

The gym comes equipped with walled facilities for bouldering for instance. Other options available include top-rope climbing, lead climbing among others.

Clothing gear

Climbing entails use of protective gear. There are harnesses, shoes, chalking and climbing materials to start with. It does help a lot when one has the right gear to prevent any injuries.


Most of the indoor facilities are available on rental basis. You can, however buy own gear to save on the renting cost.

Climbing for kids

Kids love the whole idea of climbing. The gym   offers these facilities to ensure they are exposed to this activity indoors before they venture into the outside world.

The walls are made in various forms to suit the various environments. For instance, one will find the modular and custom walls. They are designed for schools. Gyms and for private use as well. If you are fun, you can start with a simple wall at home and then precede to the other the outdoor one.

Safety precautions

Any climbing involves a lot of risks. Until one gets the basics, the risk of falling and getting injuries is high. This is the reason where training is important. The gear has to be used all the time and this includes the rope, harness, shoes and mat to give you a soft landing. The hands need to be dry to give you a better grip. Chalking them is important before setting out.

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