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How to use the rock climbing chalk

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Many of us find the rock climbing chalk at the rock climbing gyms near and wonder what it is for. Those who know about the chalk end up using it the wrong way. Knowing how to use the rock climbing chalk will impact in a big way on your safety when scaling walls and rocks.
When we are climbing walls, we sweat in our palms such that our grips become loose. The chalk is meant to make your hands dry so that you could have a firm grip.
The first thing you need to do if the facility does not provide one is to buy. Once you have it, cake and smother it on your various parts of the body where you are likely to produce a lot of moisture.
There is a chalk bag in which the chalk is contained. Ensure that you buy one that has wide opening so that you can scoop the chalk effortlessly. The chalk bag is tied around the waist so that you can climb up the rock or wall with it. On occasional times, you will scoop some for the hands.
One can find more than one form of the magnesium carbonate-the material used to make the rock climbing chalk. The three forms are liquid, solid and looses. Rock climbers can essentially use any of these forms depending on one’s preference.
The loose chalk produces a lot of dust and might not be the best in the circumstances. You will find that there is a way in which one can apply the chalk into the palms.
Once you scoop from the chalk bag. Let the excess slip through the fingers and then rub it gently on both hands until you feel that they are dry and there are no loose particles.

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