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How to prepare for rock climbing competitions

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After proving yourself in the indoor wall climbing, the real world awaits. The climbing competitions are arranged to test your ability in real rock climbing. Worldwide, there are a number of climbing competitions held for people of all ages and ability.

What you need to do

If you are new to these climbing competitions, it is important to have at your fingertips a number of things.

The competitions follow a calendar

The competitions are not held every month or quarter. You will find that in most cases, they are annual events. There is a calendar which has a list of the events to be taking places at a particular time and place. A good example is the Mountaineering Ireland Climbing Competition which is really a series of competitions.


The climbing competitions will usually be in the form of leagues .These could be junior, lead, bouldering and so on. Once you identify the league you are in, you can check against it to find the date in which your event is set to take place. The calendar can be downloaded so that you can have ease of access to it.


For one to participate in the competitions, it is important to be adequately prepared for it. There are fitness exercises and training you will be required to undertake. Endurance is vital at this point .In terms of dieting, you should as much as possible keep off fat. Carbs are vital at this point since you will be burning a lot of energy.
On the other hand, you need reduce your intake of proteins. Dieting is not recommended since rock climbing is quite engaging and as such, you need to be at your optimum.
Stay hydrated by ensuring that you are having enough water in readiness for the real rock climbing competition.

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