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How to choose best rock climbing Wall Company

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When it comes to rock climbing wall, one has to invest in quality. There are many manufacturers of rock climbing walls and therefore, one must know what to look for.


The first thing that you will seek is dependability. The wall should be strong and well suited to one’s rock climbing needs.


When choosing the best rock climbing wall, one has to look for experience. We have companies like Eldorado which have been in this business for over 20 years. They have a rich portfolio in custom climbing walls as well as modular ones. They design and manufacture quality walls that one can readily use.

Wide variety

There are different needs when it comes to rock climbing wall. For example, we have climbing boulders, climbing panels, and climbing gear and so on. One should be specific on what they are looking for .A Company with a wide variety will offer you the kind of wall that is most suitable for you.


Installing the rock climbing wall is not enough. Inspections should be made to ensure that one is secure after the installation. The best company is one that inspects and refurbishes the wall when called upon.

Custom climbing wall

This is the wall that is customer to suit your facility. For instance, we have private homes, colleges, universities, climbing gyms among other. The best ones are maintenance free, appealing to the eyes and long lasting.

The best custom walls are also those which match your facility, the vision you have for them and accommodate   the user. The programming is also very important when it comes to the climbing wall.

The budget one has for the rock climbing wall will determine the kind of wall that you will have. In most cases, you will find a custom wall that is exactly cut out your budget.

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