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How to build freestanding climbing wall

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Would you like to add adventure to your park or playground? For only $150, you can have a freestanding climbing wall. In this article, we are giving you instructions to follow in order to make on your own.
The first things you need are the appropriate materials .These includes:
A case of beer
¾ sheets of plywood
Drywall screws
Climbing holds
Plate connectors
Joist hangers

The next thing of course would be the tools for the freestanding climbing wall. Have on standby, an electric drill, wrench, tape measure, a protractor and saw. A wood boring bit would be ideal too.
With the tools and materials ready, you can now proceed to the next step in freestanding climbing wall construction.
You will next use the electric drill to bore at least 300 holes .These holes are needed to the T-nuts and are made in the plywood.
The layouts should be made in such a way that they size of your panels .There are panels to which each stud should be attached to. You can use nails or screws to do this.
The plywood is now ready to be attached to the stud frames. Remember to get the spacing right for the screws.
The next important step to remember is to brace the panels albeit temporarily.
The 4×4 post should be braced with wood, once again temporarily. The beam set should at the same time be put in place using brackets. They are then attached to the vertical wall to the left.
You are now set to cut the studs on each side such that they match the angle for the short walls. To fasten them, you will need screws and joist hanger brackets.
Clamping is the next step for the plywood whereby it is screwed to the 2×6 frame.

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