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Climbers club membership

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If you are into rock climbing or mountaineering, you will find that climbers club is a necessity. It brings together many enthusiasts together for a common goal. Many a climbers club have an easy and straightforward way to join them. Usually, you will just need to register online.
Application form
Once you visit a site for climbers club membership, you will be provided with a form to fill in your details. It is an exciting thing to join such a membership, though you will find that most of the members are new to you. The meets arranged regularly help members to be acquainted to each other.
These memberships are not exclusive as such, what this means ideally is that anyone who is interested in rock climbing and has some bit of experience in it. The adventurous climbs that are organized by the climbers club are not for beginners. It would therefore be imperative that you learn the basics of rock climbing before seeking to be registered as a member into your local club. They are professional in nature, hence the insistence that one is qualified to participate in the rock climbing activities.
Is membership automatic?
The answer is actually no. Your application will be evaluated on its own merit. Your experience will speak on your behalf. You may be accepted or rejected. Some minimum leading grades also come into account when you apply.
The standard application procedure involves contacting the membership secretary of the club. This leads to an application log in.
The application form will then be availed to you. You will need a proposer and a seconder to complete their respective forms. There is an invite button which you will use to invite the proposer and seconder.
Once all the forms are completed, they are submitted and then a review is done by sub-committee.

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