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City rock climbing gym

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Whether you are new or an experienced hand in rock climbing gym, you will find that this is an activity that you can enjoy. The City Climb gym offers the best environment   for one to learn rock climbing.

First timers

For the very first time climbers city rock climbing gym offers   you an opportunity to learn the basics. The gym offers one a chance to get started.

The experienced climbers

There are those who have been into rock climbing for years.  City rock climbing gym offers a chance for one to try even harder climbing.

This club is quite helpful to other people in the sense that you will be able to have exposure among others:

Top-rope climbing

There are sessions that are arranged at the gym to help learn something about rope climbing.

Professional   rock climbing

At the gym, you will come across professionals to help you learn quickly the art of rock climbing.

A nice starting point

One does not need to have prior rock climbing experience to join the gym. The opportunity is available for those who are starting out in rock climbing.

Rental gear

One will be provided with rock climbing gear which includes harness and shoes.

No membership is needed

There are many gyms which will require membership and passes so that you can participate in rock climbing. The good news is that with City rock climbing gym, the membership is not a necessity. You will receive the instructions on the basics of rock climbing.

Bouldering is one of the skills offered at the gym. You will not require a rope to carry out this kind of roc climbing. You will get all the gear that is needed to protect you from injuries. There is a lot of fun in bouldering and much more.

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