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Choosing a rock climbing birthday party venue

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Instead of the conventional birthday, you may choose to throw a fantastic rock climbing birthday party for yourself and friends. It will provide you with unique, exciting and adventurers experience. There are many family oriented rock climbing birthday party spots. Those who go for this kind of party prefer to combine the rock climbing and enjoying their birthday parties at the same time.

Rock climbing activities

If your child is having a birthday, there are a number of activities they can engage as part of the birthday party.

Indoor wall climbing

There are kits for the kids for instance to help them take part in rock climbing. Rope climbing is one of the highlights of the rock climbing birthday party. Kids love climbing using ropes. One should however ensure that they are well secured in their harnesses to prevent injuries.

Team building

Kids, just like adults, enjoy team building games. As such, it would greatly help to incorporate this game at the birthday party.

Gear rental

At the birthday party, the gear will be availed to the kids. The harnesses and shoes are available for hiring at a discount.


The excitement that kids have at the rock climbing birthday party might make them fall and injure themselves. As such, one should ensure that there are staffs at the facility to belay them.

After an activity-filled day, there will be reserved seats for the kids, family or you and your friends for the meals. At the end of it all, the birthday presents could be given out.

There are many venues which offer rock climbing and private birthday parties. One needs to   book and secure such places ahead of time to ensure that they are available and also so as to be assured of discount rates.

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