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Building a climbing wall easily

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Whether you are building a bouldering wall or a concrete wall, you will find that the building a climbing wall indoors is a diy project that anyone can undertake. As long as you have basic construction techniques, you will be able to have one up for your indoor use.

Building a climbing wall is easy and does not take up a lot of space. If you are intending to build one, you need to ensure that you do the following:

Select a wall

First things first: you need to have a wall where you will   position your wall.


Although space is not an issue, it is good to optimize the space that is available.

Put your ideas down

Draw the plan on paper. This will prove very helpful when you finally decide to building a climbing wall.

Cut your plywood sizes

The boards are cut up to size and some M10 T-nuts obtained for preparing the plywood.


Though this is optional, you should paint the plywood with friction paint.


The front part of the panel is drilled   using a wood bit. The bolts should at the same time be put in place and threaded to the t-nut

Board connection

It is important that one ensures first that the board connections fit well on the walls. There is a header board which one should ensure it attaches on the studs in the wall. Lag bolts and screws are used in this operation when building a climbing wall.

Attaching the T-nuts

These are best driven through using a hammer. One should however test the thread-bolts before attaching them to the frame.

The routes are finally set. The process requires one to have an artistic mind since you want many of them in a small area.

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