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Best rock climbing anchors

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Attaching a rope, load or the climber himself to a climbing surface would not be possible without the support of rock climbing anchors. There are various surfaces one would have to contend with in rock climbing. These are rock, steep dirt, ice or even a building. The attachment could either be permanent or temporary. Whichever the case, you will find that there is need to find suitable rock climbing anchors to fulfil this purpose.
What should the rock climbing anchors be like?
The first thing you need to understand is that they obey the concept of S.R.E.N.E whether you are using for belaying rappelling or top-roping. The letter ‘S’ in the acronym stands for strength. In other words, the rock climbing anchors should be strong to resist breaking under stress. The material used should be solid enough to resist any kind of breakage when using them.
The ‘R’ stands for redundant. What this means essentially is that the anchor should be made from several components so that in the event one fails, there are others which could be used. The ‘E’ is for Equalized. The concept means that load is equally distributed on the anchor hence preventing malfunction.
The ‘No Extension ‘ is the last in the acronym and basically means that the system can be adjusted in case of failure ,thus preventing occurrence of a shock load.
When building anchors, there are many considerations to be made. The points are important to began with .They are mainly used in the greater system. They are then connected together .A crucial thing to do is to identify the places where these anchors would be used. There are natural anchors to be familiar with. They include trees and rocks. It is important to remember that rock climbing anchors are for your security and hence should be taken seriously.

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